E- Democracy Resources

in press: International Security Issues of E-Government for a 3 volume Handbook of Information Security (Wiley, edited by Bigdoli)

in press: article on international citizenship for encyclopedia of digital government.


Geiselhart, Karin. Citizen Engagement: The Next Horizon for Digital Government, Ch 6 in: Glenn Patmore (ed.), Labor Essays 2004: The Vocal Citizen. Melbourne: Arena Publishing.

Geiselhart, Karin. Digital Government and Citizen Participation in International Context. In Pavlichev, A. and Garson, D. (eds), Digital Government: Principles and Best Practices, Idea Books, Hershey.

Geiselhart, Karin. 'The Electronic Canary: Sustainability Solutions for Australian Teleservice Centres'. prepared for Community TeleServices Australia, Inc. See http://www.teleservices.net.au/index.php, commissioned by the Networking the Nation Board, Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts, March 2004. Working papers at http://www.teleservices.net.au/papers/ , (Also published in the Encyclopedia of Developing Regional Communities with Information and Communication Technology)

Journal of Political Marketing: What Lies Beyond Service Delivery - An Australian Perspective (article on electronic democracy in Australia), written with Mary Griffiths (Monash) and Bronwen FitzGerald.


'From Blue Skies to Grass Roots - Issues, Challenges and Approaches to Creating Local Digital Cultural Content'. AUSWEB03, Gold Coast

Kindling the Broadband Commons. With Peter Huta, paper for Communication Research Forum, Canberra October 2-3, 2003. Refereed and published as proceedings.

Creative communities and online business models, with Shirley Gregor and Victor Cheng. ITIRA 2003.




Charcoal Factory a Black Mark on NSW Information Policy
Edited version published in the Canberra Times, 25 February 2002.


Reading the Bush: Digital Book Production in Regional and Rural Australia
In Book: Production in and for Regional, Rural and Remote Australia, volume from Common Ground funded by the EPIC project, forthcoming.


Net Value: The Use of the Internet by Non-Profit Organisations
School of Business Information Technology Working Paper Series, 2002.


Democracy in an Information Age: Attractors and Bifurcations
Paper submitted to Melbourne Journal of Politics issue on the politics of technology.


Making the CASE for Electronic Empowerment paper with Darrell Burkey for Electronic Networks - Building Community 5th Community Networking Conference: Melbourne, 3-5 July, 2002.


The Fifth P of Marketing: Non-Profits and the Internet
Paper accepted for Western Decision Sciences Institute, 31st Annual Meeting, April 2-6, 2002, Las Vegas.



Tax Issues for E-Commerce in E-Commerce Diffusion: Strategies and Challenges
Edited by Singh, M. and Teo, T., Heidelberg Publishing, Melbourne, Australia (forthcoming).


Distributed Governance: A Catalyst for Accelerated Responsiveness
Presented at the for First World Conference on Information Technology and Economic Development, sponsored by interced.org  Manchester, New Hampshire July 11-13 2001.


Information Technology and Emerging Forms of Transnational Governance
Presented at the First World Conference on Information Technology and Economic Development, sponsored by interced.org  Manchester, New Hampshire July 11-13 2001.


Health Policy Diagnostics: A New Role for Health Infomatics?
Presented at the Health Infomatic Conference in Canberra, July 2001.


E-Democracy - A Coda to the Deakin Lecture
A brief essay prompted by one of the Deakin lectures in Melbourne titled: E-democracy: A Challenge for Civil Society.


E-Health Means E-Democracy : The Need for a Policy Portal
Health Issues Centre journal, June 2001.


Teaching Technology to Share
ultiBASE e-journal, May 2001.


The Book Now: Creative Destruction and the Rebirth of an Industry
Chapter commissioned as part of a joint project of RMIT University and Common Ground Publishing Funded by the Infrastructure and Industry Growth Fund (IIGF), Book Production Enhanced Printing Industry Competitiveness Scheme (EPICS) Grants, Commonwealth Department of Industry, Science and Resources.  Details of the project are at www.c-2-csystem.com

Will income become virtually untaxable
AUSWEB01, Coffs Harbour, April 2001



Every Body Counts: Computers, Conversations and Change in the Australian Department of Finance and Administration
Paper presented at the Conference of the International Public Management Network, Macquarie University, March 2000.


PS Mantras Control Minions
Published in the Canberra Times February 21, 2000.  Republished in the June issue of the Canberra Bulletin of Public Administration.


Getting the Democratic Dividend from IT
Presented at a conference on Women and Information Technology, sponsored by the Network of Women in Further Education, Canberra, March 2000.


Electronic Commerce and Electronic Democracy: Two Sides of a Coin
Paper for the Communication Research Forum, Old Parliament House, Canberra October 4-5.


A Professional Public Service Loses its Mind
Article for the Canberra Times, reprinted in the Canberra Bulletin of Public Administration, March 2000.


Why I Have a Librarian Fetish
Submitted to the Journal of the Australian Academic and Research Libraries.


Applications of Electronic Commerce in Public Agencies: Administrative and Democratic Implications
With Bruce Neubauer, presented at the annual meeting of the American Political Science Association, August 31- September 3, 2000, Washington DC, and submitted to the American Journal of Public Administration.


Taxation in an Age of Global Governance
With Ray Berry.  Submitted to an OECD contest on the future of taxation.


Another Convergence: Electronic Commerce, Education and Governance
For Collecter Conference, Brisbane, December 2000.


The East is Ready: Electronic Commerce in Asia
Written with Paula Swatman.  Published in Forum on E-Commerce for Transition Economies in the Digital Age on 19-20 June 2000 in Geneva, sponsored by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UN/ECE).



The Global Nervous System of Information Technology
Presented at the Communications Research Forum, September 1999.


A Fractal Model for Repluralising the Policy Process
Presented at a symposium of the Public Administration Theory Network, Sydney, July 1999.


Two Australian Web-based Experiments in Electronic Democracy with Steve Colman.  Presented at AUSWEB99, Ballina NSW, April 1999.



Does Democracy Scale?:  How Globalisation Values Impact on Organisational Activity
World Multiconference on Systemics, Cybernetics, and Informatics, Orlando, July 1998. 


Spheres of Influence: A Model of Organisational Interactivity in a Globalised Context
Prepared for Beyond Convergence, conference of the International Telecommunications Society, Stockholm, June 1998.


The Link List and Telecommunications Policy: Improved Effectiveness or an Electric Elite?
Finalist, student research paper, at the Communications Research Forum, Canberra, December 1998.


Chapter: A Charter for Citizens of the Global Information Society, co-authored with Julie Cameron, published in `Culture and Democracy Revisited in the Global Information Society´, sponsored by the International Federation for Information Processing in Corfu, May 1997.  Published by IEEE Press.



Is Government Becoming a Non-Public Sphere?, Presentation at Cultural Crossroads Conference, sponsored by the Key Centre for Media and Culture, Sydney, November 24-26, 1997.


Design for the New Aged
Presented at Catalyst 97 - Designing Eco-Solutions, University of Canberra, December 5-8, 1997.  Published as proceedings.


Democracy.com: The Challenges Within Government prepared for Communication, Citizenship and Social Policy: Rethinking the Limits of the Welfare State, University of Colorado at Boulder, October 2-5, 1997.


Data-based Democracy presented at the Journalism and the Public Right to Know conference, organised by the Australian Centre for Independent Journalism at the University of Technology, Sydney, March 1997.


The Role of Interactive Technologies in the Policy Process
Presented at the Public Policy Network Annual Meeting, University of Melbourne, January 1997.


Moving Towards the Millennium- Will Information Technology Take Democracy into the 21st Century?
Student essay (first prize winner) for conference on Culture and Democracy Revisited in the Global Information Society,  sponsored by the International Federation of Information Processing, Corfu, May 1997.


A Charter for Citizens of the Global Information Society
Co-authored with Julie Cameron, presented at the conference, Culture and Democracy Revisited in the Global Information Society, sponsored by the International Federation of Information Processing, Corfu, May 1997.



Accountability Modelling and On-line Policy Development in the Australian Public Service presented at INET96, annual conference of the Internet Society, Montreal, June 1996.  Refereed and published.


Factors Affecting the Spread of Electronic Democracy in the Australian Public Service presented at AUSWEB96, Gold Coast, July 1996.  Refereed and published.


Book: Australia's New Aged: Issues for Young and Old, co-authored with Professor John McCallum, published by Allen and Unwin, November.


Review of Netizens by Ronda and Michael Hauben, published by IEEE Press, in April 1998 issue of Computer Mediated Communication Magazine


Reviews of books on Internet telephony and an electronic commerce cookbook, and a preliminary report on my research have been published in the journal Internet Research.


A Review of Technology and Public Participation edited by Professor Brian Martin of the University of Wollongong, has been published by the Research Centre for Cyberculture Studies and in the journal Prometheus.


Dr. Geiselhart has also spoken on radio about her work, including the ABC Open Learning program.